EHC selected for Park Heights Redevelopment Environmental Due Diligence Phase

EHC is proud to have been selected by the NHP Foundation, a non-profit real estate organization, to complete the required ASTM Phase I/II and the HUD Part 50 National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Environmental Assessment for the redevelopment of a property in Central Park Heights, Baltimore City, Maryland.

The environmental documentation included the assessment of impacts on or from air quality, airport hazards, Airport Runway Clear Zones, Coastal Barriers Resources, Coastal Zone Management, Endangered Species Act, Environmental Justice, Explosive and Flammable Hazards, Farmland Protection, Flood Insurance, Floodplain Management, Historic Preservation, Noise Abatement, Sole Source Aquifers, Contamination and Toxic Substances, Wetlands, Wild and Scenic Rivers, Environmental Review (lead-based paint; radon; asbestos), land development; socioeconomic, and Community development and services.

This vital project will provide senior housing for low and moderate-income seniors and improve roads and sidewalks for the surrounding community. EHC’s mission to make an impact for the good of communities is mirrored in the NHP Foundation’s dedication to preserving and creating sustainable, service-enriched multifamily housing.

EHC completes multi-phased Architect of the Capitol – Rayburn House Office Building project

EHC team provided industrial hygiene services for asbestos, lead based paint and polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB). EHC’s team was involved with testing building materials, awareness training for PCB, reviewing and approving abatement work plans and providing abatement oversight and monitoring.

Josh Julius, CIH, CSP and Nkosi Morrison Join the EHC Team

EHC is Growing

EHC is experiencing exciting growth in the services we provide and adding committed team members. As we continue to deliver high-quality Industrial Hygiene consulting services, we have grown our services to include multi-media (air, water, waste) permitting, environmental compliance auditing, National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) analysis and documentation, and environmental program development and management services.

We are pleased to announce the addition of the following individuals to our team:

Nkosi Morrison

Nkosi is a field technician with a “can do” attitude. He’s worked on numerous projects with EHC and we are excited to see him learn and grow in his role. In his off time, Nkosi can be found deep sea fishing or playing billiards.

Josh Julius, CIH/CSP

Josh provides senior-level expertise in the areas of health and safety and industrial hygiene. He has 15+ years of experience in a variety of private and public sectors.